#GivingTuesday: Why And How Your Brand Should Get Involved

Now in its fifth year, #GivingTuesday is becoming as much of an institution as its surrounding seasonal shopping events — Black Friday and Cyber Monday — intended to kick off the charitable season, recognizing that many brands and consumers alike look to the end of the year for their giving efforts.

Founded by 92nd Street Yin partnership with the United Nations Foundation, #GivingTuesday rallies, organizes and amplifies the philanthropic efforts of over 30, 000 organizations worldwide. The intent? To encourage and amplify small acts of kindness from giving donations, time or resources by harnessing the power of social media and people’s innate generosity to create real positive change in their communities. From small, local businesses to large multi-nationals such as Google, H&M and The Guardian, companies are developing creative executions and expressions for how their brands get involved and make an impact.

Why are we seeing leading brands participate in this movement? Here are just a few reasons:

Amplify Existing Efforts And Brand Values

As companies increasingly seek to shine the spotlight on their social, environmental and philanthropic commitments, selecting cultural tentpole events is an opportunity to align with meaningful, consumer-oriented activities to expand these efforts. Start with your core brand values alongside your core product/service offering to determine how best to bring giving opportunities to life that reinforce the generosity you are already doing. For example, Guardian US participated by donating all advertising on its website to six non-profits focused on relief for those affected by the global refugee crisis.

Engage The Humanity Of Your Employees

According to Cone Communications’ 2016 Employee Engagement Study, 78% of employees want to actively participate in helping their company improve its responsible business practices by providing feedback, ideas and potential solutions. So rather than a single department developing your #GivingTuesday campaign in isolation, solicit input or hold ideation luncheons to garner company-wide contribution and meaningful employee engagement opportunities before, during and after the date.

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CEO We First Inc, author NYT's bestseller We First, strategic corporate consultant and trainer, father, Australian, optimist.

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