How Simon Mainwaring Unlocked Incredible Value By Defining His Personal and Company Purpose

Simon Mainwaring On His Personal and Company Purpose

We First Works is deeply personal for me because it represents the codification of something I experienced directly. As an advertising copywriter and worldwide creative director, I traveled around the globe. Working at various agencies and exploring different versions of success. In Australia, the UK, and all over the United States, I found I wasn’t happy and didn’t understand why. The net result of this process was asking myself, “What is my purpose? What am I here to do? And what do I have to achieve that would make my life meaningful?”

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Prior to starting We First, the process was very complicated. First, it took the form of blog posts and then, eventually writing a book. The blogs provided an outlet to express myself and articulate what I truly cared about. However, the lack of focused attention on the question — “what should I do with my life?” — never really prioritizing it, I ended up wondering what the whole point was.


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