How To Overcome a PR Crisis: Lessons From Papa John’s

Papa John’s Recent PR Crisis

It can take years to build brand reputation and only one moment to tarnish it. While no company wants to make mistakes or attract negative publicity, mistakes happen. The list of mishaps — from Facebook to H&M, to United to Pepsi, to Dove to Tesla — prove that no company is immune to a PR crisis.

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While the best strategy is to be proactive about preventing PR crises. It is also important in establishing a purpose-driven code of conduct, we cannot always foresee problems before they happen. The good news is that there are clear steps companies can take to recuperate and regain consumer trust. Admitting wrongdoing, apologizing and taking actions to course correct are essential steps to responding to a PR crisis. What’s more, brands with clearly defined purpose have an advantage because they can utilize their core beliefs to rebound in a way that moves them beyond the negative publicity and back to business growth.


CEO We First Inc, author NYT's bestseller We First, strategic corporate consultant and trainer, father, Australian, optimist.

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