Podcast: Personal Purpose with Simon Mainwaring and Greg Voisen

I spoke with entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, and personal growth guru Greg Voisen on his podcast Inside Personal Growth to talk about how a major life event led me to break free from an unfulfilling career cycle to find and pursue my own personal purpose.

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The wake-up call that I received inspired not only this purpose definition, but also a New York Times bestselling book and the launch of a brand consultancy that advises companies on how to embrace a transformational “we first” instead of “me first” attitude. Ultimately, I was able to find much deeper and more satisfying meaning in life.

That life meaning, as Greg and I discuss, is something many people find lacking in their own lives. I lay out the strategies I’ve developed through years of experience that help people and businesses discover their purpose by elevating their own individual reason to exist into something higher than themselves. Then, we discusses the online courses, We First Works, that walks individuals, influencers, solo entrepreneurs, and companies through this essential process.

Give the conversation a listen on iTunes, Google Play, Google Podcast, Soundcloud and Greg’s personal growth website.

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CEO We First Inc, author NYT's bestseller We First, strategic corporate consultant and trainer, father, Australian, optimist.

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