SAP Forward Thinkers (Part 3): Unlocking the Power of an Authentic Purpose

Each year SAP holds its annual conference, SAPPHIRE, which is a rallying point for a global network of customers that use SAP software and the cloud to execute a huge variety of B2B and B2C services. Simon Mainwaring, We First Founder and CEO, was invited to participate as a global thought leader, which involved interviewing some SAP customers and sharing the stories of how purpose can come to life in their customers’ brands.

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As a recap of that experience and to share thinking that is a value to your brand, here are two more videos from SAP’s Forward Thinkers platform that were shot at SAPPHIRE:

First, Simon first explains how to solve one of the most common mistakes many companies make when defining their purpose: being the celebrity rather than celebrant of their brand.

Next, Simon discusses how an authentic company purpose can not only provide personal fulfillment for its stakeholders, but also activate powerful collective action toward solving humanity’s greatest challenges.

These videos are Part 3 of a series that were done for the Forward Thinkers platform. Look out for final part next week.

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CEO We First Inc, author NYT's bestseller We First, strategic corporate consultant and trainer, father, Australian, optimist.

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